Inspired by ‘When God Writes Your Love Story’

Reading the book by Eric and Leslie Ludy, was like starting a new journey – to discover more of the matchless beauty of a God-written love story.

“The pain we feel today is the strength we’ll have tomorrow.

Every challenge comes with an opportunity to grow.”

In the past, I had made incredible sacrifices in an attempt to find true love. I had given pieces of myself away to each relationship that came my way – pieces of my heart, my emotions, and even my body. I yearned to be loved and cherished. But somehow, the heartbreaking pain was inevitable. Driven by my painful love stories, I swear to never fall in love unless he’s the one.

“If you’re not having fun being single;

then you’re not doing it right.”

It wasn’t too long after that promise that my unforgettable journey began. I gave my life to God, I allowed The Author of True Love and the Creator of Romance to be the center of my life, my love life. I was soon to discover that my God had more of an interest in my love life than I do. He wanted to be involved. And more than that he wanted to write my love story for me.

I don’t know if I could ever fully convey the awesome wonder of what it was like to have a God-written love story. It was something that I never expected. I remember a point when I questioned Him; is this what God wanted me to have? Could I really trust Him enough to lay it all in His hands? Would He lead and guide? What if I get tired of waiting? What if I make a mistake that will ruin my whole life?

I went through a several days of inward struggle. Deep down I knew I was really in control of this area of my life, I had been the one calling the shots, not God.

A soft whisper to my heart reminded me that if I was ever going to be truly happy or fulfilled, and if I was ever going to stop making such a mess of things, He had to be in the center. Finally, I surrendered to God and prayed, “Lord this is such a hard area to give to you. I desperately want to hold on to it, and do things my way. Yet, I know You are asking me to lay it on your hands, to let You take charge of it. So now, I give it to you. No matter what you choose to do with this area of my life, even if it’s something I never would have chosen for myself, I give it to you. Do with me what You will. I am Yours.”

“Don’t try to build God into your life anymore;

instead, build your life around God.”

Looking back, I laugh at such a thought. That was before I learned what a ‘romantic’ God is. If I had only known what He had planned for me, I never would have doubted for a minute.

The type of relationship I’d known before simply could not compared to this new kind of love I had discovered. I was daily amazed that I had come from a place of heartbreak, loss, confusion, and compromise relationships, to a dream come true. I had discovered one great love, simply by giving God the pen of my life’s story and allowing Him to write each chapter. He was interested in my life. He did have a plan and He has one for you, too.

“As for God, His way is perfect….”

Psalm 18:30 NIV

Many of us tend to search for love in our own way. But God says, “My ways are not your ways.” He want to script a beautiful tale just for you, but first you must trust Him with the pen of this precious part of your life. Will you let Him write your love story?

Ps. Credits to ‘When God writes your love story.’ I recommend to read this book, and discover the secret to finding true love… a God written love story.


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