Managing to sweat in a freezing cold rink

The first try was not easy; I could hardly stand without holding the edge. I am afraid to fall and get hurt. Then after one hard fall I can finally move my feet and walk on ice, moving from one place to another and feeling the wind whip though my hair. Then, I fall again. I am still dreaming to finally land that one jump. This is a sport where one moment you can do something and the next you can’t but that’s just the way it works and you just have to keep trying.

I know I still have a long way to go to be able to learn all the skills needed. This can be daunting and challenging on a physical and emotional level but I can turn the tables to learn some valuable skating (dare I say, life) lessons from this. Read on for 3 things I have learned about skating, and life.

It doesn’t get easier; you just get stronger. Skating doesn’t just about know all the skills; it’s an outlet of your personality. Like something from a novel where the heroine grows from it all, but not without acquiring a few bruises along the way. All the ups and downs make us stronger. You might not think it now, but how you act and react in these moments can shape the person you are, so be mindful to steer yourself in a direction that can make you stronger than ever. Hold yourself accountable, and keep your two (booted) feet firmly on the ground ice.

If you try and you fall, get up quickly, otherwise you end up cold and wet (or some other otherwise that’s more relevant to real life.) The point is if you stay down, it takes longer to sort yourself out when you finally do get up again, and while you might succeed and never fall again, for a time at least you’re going to carry the consequences of what happened while you were fallen, in this case, being wet. In real life, it can be: being stress, being unhappy, being broken and all the other negative consequences. Falling is good, it means you are trying but make sure to get up quickly before you regret.

Sometimes, you just have to be alone. While it’s easy to walk with family and friends telling them all your problems, nothing near as satisfying as learning to face it alone. It’s like getting on that gleaming sheet of ice, gliding gracefully as your favorite piece of music plays in the background. In skating there is no team that cover up for you, and there is nothing to blame when it goes bad. And that’s because you are everything on your own. Life is much like this. Sometimes we tend to depend to the people around us, to feel safe and comfortable: an easy option. But that’s not where you’re growing, learning, improving and gaining confidence of yourself. You have to be independent.


2 thoughts on “Managing to sweat in a freezing cold rink

  1. wayne says:

    Wow the message tho…thanks for the motivation jo keep it up yeah your right life is a battle dare to live with it no one will help you unless you do it by your own self 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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