SPLASHIN’ @ Splash Island

It was in the first month of the summer season when I finally got to bring myself into the water.


If you are looking for an extra aqua thrills and adventure, Splash Island is best for summer getaway. The resort is located at Southwoods Ecocentrum in Binan, Laguna approximately an hour away from Manila. The resort has slides, rides and attractions designed to provide you with a day filled with fun and excitements.
We we’re so lucky that all the rides are open and operational on their respective time schedules. I suggest lining up early before it opens if you wouldn’t like to waste your time in the long queues.
The Agos Grandes is the largest swimming pool in the resort which mechanically generated waves. Actually, this is the only pool where you can enjoy swimming in and where the inflatables are. It has depth from ankle to 7 feet deep. The other pools are just “catch-basin” for the slides but you can also swim in there when the slides are closed.

If you feel tired walking around want to lazily drift around, there’s Balsa River where the gently flowing water will tour you around the slide areas. The water is about 3 feet deep and runs sluggishly, which I found to be just fine. Water Wawoo and Curl of the Orient are intended for kids so we decided not to try it anymore. King Pilipit was one of a kind! It is a solo slide with no flotation device; just you inside the extremely scary tube with glow in the dark paint. It feels like you are sliding inside a large intestine. Another solo slide is the Big Bamboo but this time you have to use a salbabida. If you have fears in dropping, better think before trying the slide. There’s a part where you really have to drop very fast. Makalaglag-puso! A must try slide is the Magellan’s drop, at first I think it was scary because of the sliding position wherein you have to lay facing downwards, but it’s not, in fact it was real fun and I did it twice! Tausug Trails is a tandem rubber raft slide; I was so thrilled because of the speedy slide through twists and turns. This is one of the highest slides and you have to carry the raft to height of a 5-storey building. Last but not the least is the Rio Montanosa, which we enjoyed so much because 5-person could fit into the rubber raft and you don’t have to carry the raft to the top. The rafts were big, so sliding would be slower, you can enjoy every drift.

I didn’t have a chance to take more pictures because of the adventures, as much as I want to grab pictures from other site, but I don’t want posting pictures that is not mine or at least from my friends.


All slides were dangerous and need an extra precaution that you must follow instructions. Of course, management would say this is absolutely safe. It is only us who are afraid that something might happen. Part of the fear here is thinking too much. Just get your ass to the rubber raft, kick your feet and off you go, stop thinking and scream while at it.



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