We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes. We all have those moments that we wish we could redo. How marvelous it would be if life had a rewind button that allowed us to travel back before a mistake occurred and live the moment over again. We tell ourselves that this time we’d get it right.

Many of the lessons that I’ve learned was during such a time in my life, during a period that I wish I could do over. I learned the value of making good mistakes. Good mistakes are ones we learn and grow from; good mistakes give us lessons to share with others.

Everybody drops the ball at some point. The problem occurs when we continue the same pattern of mistakes. We need the humility and the wisdom to quickly recognize our blunders. If we don’t see them, we’re destined to repeat them.

While our God is a God of second chances, not many of us are open to honestly share their mistakes. It’s not that we’re dishonest; we just have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality. Someone has to ask very pointed questions before we’re willing to talk about our missteps.

If you are in this time of your life, feeling like the ship is sinking but you couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I pray that someone would help you turn things around. And if I will be fortunate enough to help and minister to you, I promise to tell you the good mistakes and the lessons learned.

Location: McArthur Landing Memorial Park | Tacloban, Philippines
Inspired by ‘The Sweetwater Story’ by Gerald Brooks

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