He will uphold you

Years ago I already blogged about this passage in Psalm 55 where King David was betrayed by his closest friend, feeling the urge to flee from all of the troubles. But David’s response is one we can learn from, for David did not flee from his circumstances. Instead he turns to the Lord, it says in verse 22:

“Cast all your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you;
He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”
Psalm 55:22

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This time the Lord has brought me back into this passage to remind me of something true and valuable amidst all the troubles of life.

Have you ever wanted to get away from your troubles? Fly? Leave town? Move to other country?
I have. During a particular challenging season in my life, I would daydream about getting away. You know, the #adulting has already been introduced in our generation as hard and stressing. Adults nowadays can be burned-out with all the responsibilities they have. It seemed that everything would be easier if we could just hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button to adulthood, and flee from our current life situations, at least for a little while.

David’s response to his own situations is to stay put casting all his burdens to the Lord knowing that God will not only sustain him but will keep him from falling. This is our call, as well. While the world offers a multitude of opportunities to ‘escape’ from our troubles through entertainment, social media, food and drink, travel, shopping and virtual reality, God calls us to be rooted in Christ. We don’t need to run away; we can face our troubles knowing He will sustain us. When our emotions tell us to flee, our trust in God enables us to stay and face what is ahead.

If you have reach this part. Here’s your corner of reflection, as you return to your own current circumstances, allow God to speak to you through this…

When something seems more than you can handle, what do you normally do? Do you sink from the weight of it? Do you just give up? Don’t despair in hardship, God is with you. He’s able and willing to sustain you.

No matter how bad your circumstances are, God promises to hold you up, to support you and nourish you. He will work out His own good purposes for your life. There’s not a person, a situation or attack of the enemy that has any power to crash you because you belong to God.

Whatever you’re going through today, just know Your God is able to sustain you. His power is greater than your weakness, His grace is greater than your need. And His purposes is greater than what you can see right now.

Now let’s pray together.

Father God, thank you for this encouragement from King David who experience your faithfulness even in suffering. I confess I want to escape from my troubles by ignoring them, pushing them away and pretending they don’t exist. I tried to flee by focusing on the things this world has to offer. God you know how weak I feel and how difficult my circumstances has been. But I choose to give my burdens to you today and I ask you to sustain me one moment at a time. Help me to turn to you when I want to run away. Please pour your supernatural into me so you can accomplish greater things that I could ever ask or imagine. In Jesus Name, I pray, amen.

Location: Sirao Garden, Cebu, Philippines

Thank you Ren for all the blog-worthy pictures.

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