About Joana-Mae Gelacio

Hello, I am Joana-Mae Domingo Gelacio, a nerd by heart and owner of this Blog. Also, I can play chess, do furniture, love swimming and I sleep through movies. In 26 years of existence, I haven’t tried anything extra-ordinary, yet. For that, I am now ready to take it to the next level. Jump, bike, hike, fly, crawl, scramble, things I have never done before, name it and I will want to be off to a new exploration, a new adventure.
During my High School I used to be an Editor-In-Chief for our School’s publication and became a representative in different Press Conference. I knew I always had this passion in writing. Later on in life that passion was a little bit forgotten, shifted into different way as I grow up. Until one day my best friend said this: “Once you’re a writer; you’ll always be a writer.” Another friend suggested to me to do blogging because she was so inspired with my posts in my social media accounts. I guess I just have too many ideas and I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not, at the very least try to get them done.
Currently, I have a regular job as an Accountant. Alongside of it was my mission of sharing financial planning ideas as a registered Financial Advisor. I am also a co-owner of a furniture shop based in the Northern Philippines. You can expect posts about business skills, strategies and pretty much everything else in between.
Now, I have decided to expand my horizons and give blogging a try.
I am definitely blessed, grateful and thankful for all the things that’s keeping me busy and productive. I hope to continue to inspire and share my blessings through this little blog. I will for the honor and glory of Our God.