I’ve been seeing posts from social media about mental health issues like depression – how it causes someone to kill oneself. Contrary to what many would say about depression having no signs or triggers, I believe there’s an inward struggle that needed to be recognized. Many people are fighting battles we know nothing about. They choose to keep it to themselves because they don’t find the courage to talk about it with other people. They have fears that people might misunderstood and judge them and think that it’s just a bunch of drama. They live their life pretending to be okay, hence the assumptions of no signs and triggers.

Indeed, depression is a serious illness but this is also something you can heal from. It may not be easy but you can. Having a support system in your inner circle will definitely be a great help to fight back.

To those concerned friends, I am encouraging you to extend some ears to those who are opening up to you. Don’t let them down. You never know how much courage they have pull all together to open up to you.

If you are in this battle, don’t be afraid to speak up. Some people might judge you but there are good people willing to listen to you. You got to find that courage.

“You need to know that part of being strong and tough is having the courage to seek help when you need it.”

-Prince Harry’s speech on seeking mental health help

Knowing these things about mental health issues, I came to a point in life where I just wanted to take a breather, to take care on my mental and emotional health – to reflect and reassess my life. During this time, I was also able to focus on my physical and spiritual growth, and career growth- where I am, where I’ve been and where I am going.

The past few months has been a roller coaster ride, I reached my lowest and also my highest. I faced great battles – it may sound exaggerating, but it feels true and real. I’ve discovered a lot about myself and the strength I have. I’ve gone through a lot of learning curves and some of these lessons were gained in a painful way. I lost my passion at some point but I gained my deepest whys. Trust given but eventually broken and now I’m learning to stay calm and kind. Some people leave my side but I learned to pay more attention to people who stayed. I thought God would reveal himself to me and come straight to me, but now I realized that God comes through people.

The overwhelming theme of my life for the past few months has been redemption and restoration. It hasn’t happened sooner because I haven’t given the Lord an opportunity to step into that area of brokenness and heal it; make it new; and put it back together. I’ve run from it, I’ve avoided it; I didn’t want to acknowledge it; I refused to seek for help.

Sometimes I think that God has to bring us back to a place of brokenness in order to restore and heal. And to reveal to us, what is really in our hearts.

I was reminded by the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:21-28, here are some point to ponder:

  • She pleaded to Jesus for help but He rejected her at first. But she’s strong in the faith and persisted in asking. She was unclean but not self-righteous. Jesus is always moved by genuine and persistent faith, so Jesus acknowledge her great faith and do as she wishes.
  • In all the things we ask from the Lord, do not let His silence or delay crumble our faith but let it push us to pray harder.
  • Broken things can become blessed things if you let God do the mending.

God does not change, but He uses change – to change us. He sends us on journeys that bring us to the end of ourselves. We often feel out of control, yet if we embrace His leading, we may find ourselves on ride of our lives.

“In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.”

– Mitch Albom

Now to some of you, this may sound extreme.

But think of a season in your life where you’ve walked through pain. Where you’re ashamed of decisions you’ve made. When someone used you for their own agenda. When someone hurt you with their words and actions. When you felt outcast and neglected. Whatever circumstance that causes the negative emotions, think about that time. That place. That person. I’m sorry sis/bro but in this life, we are guaranteed of pain because we live in a broken world. The pain won’t go away if we don’t tend to it and let The Healer come make us well. Our God is a healer but He also wants to teach us through the difficult seasons. But you have to know that God will never waste the pain you felt, He will use it to bless you and to bless others.

Maybe, its time to make a walk down memory lane and open up that wound that you’ve been trying to conceal for the longest time. That painful memory you’ve been holding on is a blessing blocker, let it go and leave it to our gentle Healer.

Because you deserve to move on.

5 thoughts on “Breather

  1. James Edgar Skye says:

    Wow. I was blown away by your uplifting and amazingly written post about mental health. Thank you for shining some light on the subject. Keep up the excellent​ work and always keep fighting for your mental health. – James

    Liked by 1 person

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