What I learned on my First Summit

I was invited for a quick climb to Mt. Balagbag by a college friend of mine. According to him it is an easy climb for a first timer like me and best way to start my travel blog. It is never been in my bucket list to explore mountains, since I grew up from the Sierra Madre Mountains and Cagayan Valley. Even though I am not a mountaineer so I have no idea what to prepare and what to bring. I didn’t had a chance to research because I was told only a few days before the hike. Thanks God that I didn’t hesitate to join because I just had a great experience with great peoples on my first ever Hiking activity.

First thing I have learned: You’ve got to grab every opportunity you know nothing about and learn from it.

We arrived at Licao-Licao junction at 11:45pm. The trail, from the jump-off point until the Barangay proper, were paved with little rocks, flashlight is very essential if you plan to hike at night. It was basically a walkathon, there are dogs lurking around the neighborhood so you have to be extra careful.

At exactly 1:45am, we reach the camping site, where we gather to spend the rest of the day until we ascend to the summit at 9:00am. We had a chance to acquaint with each and every one. It was amazing how the group welcomed us. They were so funny yet warm, full of humour that made our hike relatively easy and joyous. Then, I learned that Happiness can be found in discovering a friend in new acquaintance.


If you plan to visit Mt. Balagbag, I suggest you ascend in the evening, to witness the amazing overlooking city lights of Metro Manila, lay on the grass under the universe, do star gazing and wait for a shooting star.

The smell of Morning Sunrise in the Mountain


Mountain Silhouette


Green and Gold; God’s Creation


The Great Outdoors



As we reach the summit we had a short devotional activity with the topic “Burden and Load” from Galatians 6:2 & 5 which can be relate to mountaineering. We shared ideas and thoughts about the burdens and loads we carry during the trek and relate it to real life.

Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens…”

Galatians 6:5 “for each one should carry their own load.”

The use of the word burden and load are very much the same in meaning but the statements are inconsistent at first sight. It appears to be contradictory. Carry each other’s burden – is much likely showing compassion towards other with their weaknesses, grievances and trials. For mountaineers, when the baggage are too heavy they relieve one another by bearing the burden. For each one should carry their own load – is something that has to do with the responsibility and obligation God has allotted Him to do and he shall give an account of his own actions. If we go deeper this two verses does not contradict; they just have different implications. Carrying others’ burdens of infirmity in sympathy; carrying your own load of sin you’re responsible. (Source: TheBibleHub)

To my readers, you might wanna share the burdens and loads you carry for others and for yourself.

Just leave a comment below.

Shout out to all the people behind this climb. To Pastor Reynold and Ate Amore and Ate Mayette and to all Young-Adults of Capital City Alliance Church. See you to many more summits with you guys. Cheers!

Thanks to Estalker for inviting me and for the photos.


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