“My bags have been checked; boarding pass issued… and now I’ve got hours to wait before getting on the plane. What can I do for an airport layover?”

Most of the time we spent long hours of waiting on the boarding area, terminal/waiting areas and even in riding in long journeys such as bus, train, plane, etc. If you search the internet on ways to pass time while travelling, plenty, as it turns out. Some of the suggestions are: Reading books, playing games, talking to people, sleeping, listening to music and so on.

For me, listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes. Here are my top 5 most played songs during my recent travel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Also edited some of the photos taken in Palawan with my favorite lines in each song for my readers to enjoy. 🙂

1. ALAPAAP by Eraserheads


Cebu Pacific 5J637

2. A PLACE CALLED ‘YOU’ by Emma Stevens


Baker’s Hill, Palawan

3. ONCE by Emma Stevens


Nagtabon Beach, Palawan

4. PAG-IBIG by Sponge Cola


Love Cafe, Palawan

5. RUN LIKE A WARRIOR by Morissette


Salakot Falls, Palawan

There it is. Try to listen to the songs and comment below what you think of my playlist. ❤

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