Feel like home at KKK-SM Megamall


Last Friday, me and my food buddy geared up for a search of that “Lutong-Bahay” food that can full our stomach from eating instant and ready-made dishes last week.

KKK-SM Megamall catches our attention because of the Filipino Fiesta inspired motif and the fact that they are serve for sharing. The interior of the place is very catchy it is much localized; you can feel at home. There was a jeepney facade at the center of the restaurant that leads to the kitchen.


The chairs were made of rattan.


Every single piece adds a unique touch to the overall concept. The bottles that were used as sort of chandeliers caught my attention. Very unique, I wonder if it’s personalized.


Even the servers were dressed up with Filipino costumes. They were so polite and hospitable like a true Filipino.

Funny, but honestly I don’t have any idea what does KKK mean. I thought KKK stands for Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan which is part of the Philippine History since the restaurant theme is very Filipino with a tagline: “Pinoy Food Revolution”. And so I made a bit research, apparently, KKK actually stands for Kainan sa Kalyeng Kanluran.

Overall it was a good dining experience. I highly recommend this restaurant for those who long for that ‘Lutong Bahay’ recipes. It is a bit expensive, but you can get a chance to enjoy both home-cooked and luxury in one. Plus, it’s not always that you get to see a jeepney inside a restaurant.


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